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Updated winter tire lists for passenger cars


STRO’s board has decided to discontinue the publication of winter tire lists.

The Board of Directors of STRO has decided to discontinue the publication of winter tire lists, the list of tires for passenger cars and heavy vehicles considered by the respective tire manufacturers to meet the requirements for winter tires in Swedish and Norwegian regulations.

Ever since the current definitions and requirements for winter tires in Swedish and Norwegian regulations have been introduced, that “a winter tire is a tire specially designed for winter driving”, the lists have filled up a very good function as consumer information.

In the mid-1990s when STRO winter tire lists were introduced, there was no markings with qualifying functional test as requirements. For a few years, the 3 PMSF (Three Peek Mountain Snowflake) has been a marking with a function test on snow as a basis. It is this labeling and functional test that, according to UN ECE R117, qualifies a tire for use in ”severe snow conditions”.

Development of new test methods can in the future provide more labels on tires and thus clearer information to both dealers and consumers about which tires meet the legal requirements, but also recommended for Nordic winter conditions.

An increasing number of countries, not at least in Europe, have regulations on the use of winter tires, and where the definitions of UN ECE R117 underlie the requirements of these regulations.

Considering all this, STRO today considers that these lists no longer fulfill the function they did when they once, at the authorities´ request, were introduced. The opportunities and tools for the introduction of clearer legislation exist today, why we believe that delisting of the lists will not represent any problem for authorities, manufacturers and suppliers to provide relevant consumer information. Another aspect is that maintaining the winter tire lists may conflict with current competition law in the EU or individual countries.

The update and publication of STRO winter tire lists will expire as of January 1, 2019.

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